o You Need a Root Canal?

Could you possibly need a root canal? If you need to repair and/or save a tooth that is infected or badly decayed, you may need to schedule the procedure with your dentist. Root canals are used when the pulp and the tooth become damaged or infected. This procedure removes the pulp and the inside of the tooth is cleaned of the infection and then sealed again.

Root Canal Pico Rivera

If you are like most people, a root canal is a very scary experience. Most people assume that a root canal is a painful procedure that has detrimental consequences. However, ask anyone who has had the procedure performed and they’ll tell you that it is not very painful at all. In fact, many people compare it to the same amount of pain as they would experience during a filling. It is actually the care of the tooth up until you have the Root Canal Pico Rivera that is actually the most painful.

Root canals are important because when pulp becomes damaged, it breaks down and multiplies within the pulp chamber. This causes tooth abscesses, infections, and other problems that can be very painful and detrimental to your teeth. Many signs indicate the need for a root canal. More than likely you’ll visit your dentist due to pain in your mouth, swelling that has spread to other areas of your face, head, or neck, or bone loss at the root of your tooth.

The sooner you schedule a dental appointment, the sooner you can relieve the pain and other signs of trouble. Your dentist will help you learn more about the procedure, how to prepare, and determine if it is really necessary for your oral health treatment. Do not delay that dental visits any longer than necessary and worsen the problem.